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"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy." Arnold Schwarzenegger
"The sun provides more energy in one hour than all humanity uses, in all forms, in a single year. Sunlight can provide us with its own resolution to our energy problems. The only transformation required is for humanity to reduce, or end, consumption of stored solar (as fossil fuels) and, in its place, use freely available "fresh" solar. --- DAVID S. FINDLEY
At the awareness of high energy consumption all across the globe, we at Suryavardhan Integrations have recognized the need for conservation of the same and are taking vital steps to sensitize consumers by creating innovative products in lighting needs optimization.

Suryavardhan Integrations is a power electronics and solar energy innovation organization focusing on technologies for improving energy efficiency and conservation, thereby improving your quality of life.

New Era Light products are proven to significantly improve energy efficiency, and have delivered efficiency improvement between 50% and as much as up to 80%, with payback period of 1.5 to 3 years for most applications. Moreover, these products are applicable for a wide range of areas right from home lighting to industrial applications both indoor and outdoor.

Suryavardhan Integrations has range of products using Solar and Conventional energy and, in addition to lowering energy consumption. Also have amazed discerning customers at mission critical sites like high availability data centers by improving reliability of lighting and other control systems in Switching Power Supplies, LED Drivers, Thyrister Controlled AC-DC Converters, Inverters and Charge Controllers.